Cement concrete can be said as the most important material in any modern construction. The perfection of every concrete property really depends on the quality of material, correct production method, and correct curing process. In said process, we are distinct compared to our competitors.

We are proud for our zero complaint record on the quality of concrete made by Artha Nugraha. Our operators are toroughly trained to serve your concrete specification. Our mechanics are always ready to check up the condition of our equipments, so they will be always on peak condition during rental period.

Why Artha Nugraha

  • Our staffs are handy and trained, thus capable to deliver concrete according to mix design specification and consultant desire.
  • We always offer our equipment in peak condition.
  • Our concrete production process is transparent and easy to control on quality.
  • Our concrete is high quality.
  • We have experienced in high quality concrete process since 1990.
  • Tens of outstanding construction company have used our services and have been our loyal clients.

We offer to produce and supply concrete with CARMIX through rental contract.We also prepare our operators to meet your conrete requirements. Consult your concrete needs to us, and we will recommend the best suit your needs.

Available Units