We offer concrete pump machinery for your project needs. Our concrete pump types are stationary concrete pump (line pump) and truck mounted concrete pump (boom pump). Basically both types are able to reach desired pouring point, with differences in practicality and maintenance and operational cost.

Stationary Concrete Pump / Line Pump

The line pump is a concrete pump with its main components: pump unit, hopper, and engine installed on trailer chassis. The pump is suitable for the following project:

  • No semi truck access
  • Boom access is obstructed by trees or utility lines
  • Horizontal distance is about 20 meter or more
  • Indoor pouring location
  • Concrete flow rate needs is below 50 m3 / hour

The advantage of line pump is follow:

  • Fuel consumption is more efficient as the engine is smaller and the workload is lighter, because there is no transmission or boom hydraulic load
  • Unit price is cheaper
  • Power is concentrated to the pump unit. Less concrete flow resistance due to no boom used
  • Output flow pressure is higher, minimizing blockage
  • Maintenance is relatively simpler
  • Mobilization cost is cheaper, just hook up to a car or pick up

For Trailerpump 15, it also offers the following advantages:

  • Multifunction concrete pump that is able to pump shotcrete together with an air compressor
  • Clean up method with water, minimizing concrete lost compared to suction method

Concrete Pump Truck / Boom Pump

Concrete pump truck is the type of concrete pump installed on semi truck chassis, complete with boom. This type of pump is used on the following projects:

  • Truck access and parking is available
  • Boom access is not obstructed
  • Multiple pouring point
  • Project that need higher concrete flow rate, more than 50 m3 / hour

Concrete pump truck has the following advantages:

  • By using boom, vertical access can be done quickly
  • Equipped with water tank for cleaning or adding slump
  • Higher flow rate capacity

We offer the folowing concrete pump trucks for your project needs:

  • Concrete Pump boom length 29 meter
  • Concrete Pump boom length 37 meter